Summer Value Added Certification Courses

Inplant Training

Modern Technical training in industry is an integral part of engineering education development it aims at providing the technical knowledge / skills required for an industrial operations. This type of knowledge creation for students is generated through industrial training and research. As such, in the world today there is a strong demand from industry for engineers who have specific training in new technologies. Such graduates are needed now in order to plan, design, install and maintain the many new technological systems that are going into service all around the world in order to capitalize these demands.We provide practical Training for Pupils in our industry.

In Plant Training will be provided in various fields to understand the applications of each segments in detail. The training will be completely focussing the applications areas

  • Inplant Training
  •   -  Internet of Things based on Raspberry Pi3
      -  Embedded Systems
      -  ARM & ARM Cortex
      -  Wireless Technology
      -  MATLAB Simulink
      -  Basic Electronics
      -  Power Electronics
      -  PLC Automation & SCADA
      -  Webdesign

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