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Smart Grid Simulator

Smart Grid Simulator (VPST - SGS - 01) is a convenient solution for studying the basic Architecture and the Real-Time Operation of Smart Grid, Which consists of i) 8 types of Generation ii) Transmission Line iii) Six types of loads iv) Communication through LCD and PC.


  • Six different generating station (Up to 10 MW) - Wind, Solar, Diesel, Bio-Gas, Fuel-Cell & UtilityGrid.
  • Two separate Transmission Lines (5MW Each) – TL-1, TL-2.
  • Six different power consumers (Up to 10 MW)– Gen.Industry, Emergency, Urban Area, Rural Area, Cement, Chemical Industry.
  • Six analog pot-meters for the power consumption control.
  • Graphics LCD & Keypad based configuration & monitoring of smart grid.
  • On board LCD & PC based GUI for easy understanding of the smart grid operation.
  • Automatic Smart Grid Control algorithm implemented for transmission line control, over current relay & automatic load sharing/adjustment in case of over loading.