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2 Axis Robotic-Matlab Trainer

This Robo Trainer is working along with Matlab. Two axis robo consists of two AC Servo Motors which are made to rotate using PWM pulse output of the controller. Two rotational encoders are present to determine shaft position of the motors. One AC Motor is used to rotate the handle from 0 to 360°, and the other is to move the handle up and down which can cover a distance of 450 mm. Pneumatics ARM is used for the application of pick and place of an object.


  • Horizontal Handle Rotation
  •    - AC servo Geared motor
       - 500 rpm
       - 0 - 300º Rotation
  • Vertical Handle Rotation
  •    - One AC servo Geared motor
       - 500rpm
       - 450mm Movement
  • Pneumatic Gripper
  •    - 12mm Bore Diameter
       - 25mm Stroke Length
       - Miniature cylinder type
       - 1kg Pay load