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Multiple Input/Output Process Trainer

Panel Features:

  • Power ON/OFF switch
  • Heater selection switch
  • Heater and pump indicators
  • High current fuse carrier for
  • Heater protection
  • Provision to run the stirrer
  • Digital panel meters
  • Two numbers of industrial PID Controller
  • Electrical test points are provided to measure the current signal
  • Mimic Diagram


  • Two numbers of flow Transmitter (DPT) are provided to sense the flow of the liquid.
  • Three numbers of temperature transmitter (RTD) are provided at various stages to measure the temperature.
  • Five numbers of level sensor (RF capacitance) are provided to sense the level of each tank.
  • Industrial type Conductivity sensor is provided to analyze the conductivity of given Solution.
  • RTD sensor (or) Thermocouple acts as a temperature sensor.
  • Digital panel meters are provided to indicate the output of each sensor.
  • Provision to measure the conductivity.
  • Two numbers of motorized control valve or pneumatic control valve are provided to control the flow of the pipe line.
  • A powerful thyristor based power driver is provided to drive the heater power.
  • An industrial type water heater is used as a heat Source.
  • Storage tank of 50 litre capacity (SS).
  • Process tank of 15 litre capacity (SS).
  • Four numbers of acrylic tank are provided to study the response of four tank systems.
  • In necessary location Ball valve, globe valve and needle valves are provided.
  • Two numbers of stirrer are provided in the temperature process and alkaline process.
  • Three numbers of centrifugal pump (FHP) is used to circulate the water from storage tank.
  • Six numbers of rotameter are provided in the process inlet to visualize the real flow.
  • Regulated power supply is mounted in the panel.
  • All the flow lines are fitted by (SS) pipe fitting.
  • An over head tank is provided to give constant flow.
  • All the equipments are mounted in a rugged and mobile type metallic work station.