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IoT Development System

The industrial networks are primarly concerned with Programmable Logic Controllers(PLC),Distributed Control Systems(DCS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion Systems(SCADA) any many other hetrogenous devices in the form of differnt applications. More over these devices are based on either wired or wireless communication protocols like Profinet, Profibus, MODbus, WiFi, Zigbee and Etc.,

Networking of existing plants represents a major challenge because equipmenbts from different manufactures are frequently at different technological levels and often do not speak the same data languages and protocols.

  • To impart the knowledge about Industrial IoT a the Students, We have designed a IIOT trainer kit, which have inter-quark chip based IoT Gateway.
  • This Gateway is a universal Gateway supports many different types of communication protocols such as wired and Wireless communication for industrial applications.
  • The IIoT Gateway connected with Siemens based Distributed Control System(DCS), Programmable Logic Controller(S7-1200, S7-1500) using S7-protocol and OPC UA.
  • The Intel centrino based powerful WiFi chip enables us to the access data via Mobile Application.
  • The Gateway can get the internet connectivity via Ethernet and WiFi also.
  • This Gateway can communicate with our own ingenious data acquisition system using RS485 BUS and RS232 Bus.
  • The USB based communication exchange the data between Zigbee co-coordinator and Gateway.