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89C51 Development Board


  • High Performance MCU:P89V51RD2 8 bit with 64K program flash, 1xUART, 4x 8bit I/O, 4level priority,7 interrupt sources, upto 40 MHz operation
  • All the IO lines are terminated through 4nos Pin FRC Connectors
  • One SPDT Switch provided for PROG/EXEC mode selection and one SPDT switch for Power ON/OFF Control.
  • RS232 interface with two status LEDs for Programming and UART interface
  • One 8 – way DIP switch for Digital Logical Input
  • On board 8 Leds for Digital Logial Output
  • 4x4 Matrix Keypad, On board 16x2 LCD
  • On board RTC interface with four function keys
  • Two 12V relay with driver Circuit for DC Motor 0.5 Kg Stepper Motor with relevant driver circuit
  • On board DAC terminated via 2-pin Phoenix Connector
  • On board 8 channel ADC with Temperature sensor