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TMS320VC5416 Based DSP Trainer

This Kit provides new performance enhancing Features such as USB Communications. This is Suitable for applications that require optimized Combination of Power Performance & area. Suitable for the range of Signal processing applications, including speech Compression / decompression Speech recogniation, echo generation and Cancellation.


  • 160MIPS Performance, can operate upto 160MHz
  • Advanced multi bus architecture with one program bus, three data buses and four address buses
  • 40-bit arithmetic logic unit (ALU), including a 40-bit barrel shifter and two independent 40-bit accumulators
  • 17-bit × 17-bit parallel multiplier coupled toa 40-bit dedicated adder for non pipelined single-cycle multiply/accumulate (MAC) operation.
  • Compare, select, store unit (CSSU) for the add/compare selection of the Viterbi operator
  • Exponent encoder to compute the exponent of a 40-bit accumulator value in a single cycle
  • Two address generators, including eight auxiliary registers and two auxiliary register arithmetic units.


  • 4 Mbit (256Kb x 16) Flash Memory
  • 4 Meg (256K x 16-Bit) Static RAM for External Program/Data
  • 8 way DIP switch & LED
  • ON Board JTAG Emulator (XDS 100 version - 2)
  • Expansion connector for GPIO & Peripheral interface
  • On board USB for serial communication