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DC Servo Motor Controller

This trainer designed for versatile Applications / Experiments mentioned below. It consists of(i) a PWM Chopper Drive using MOSFET (ii) DC Servo Motor (iii) Speed Sensor (v) PI Loop for speed. This trainer system is a compact & advanced version for class room experiment setup for the students to operate and study a practical speed measurement using optical sensor and speed control system.


  • One 12V PMDC Motor mounted on a open frame.
  • Speed Range: 0 to 1500 RPM.
  • Speed Sensor fixed on the frame.
  •    - Photo interrupter with optical Encoders.
  • One F/V converter is provided to convert the pulses to voltage output.
  • Speed controller provided to select
  •    - Proportional circuit.
       - Proportional plus Integral circuit.
  • One 3½ digit display to display the speed of the DC Servo motor / set value.
  • A switch provided to select the reference or the actual speed.
  • All important signals are terminated at sockets. So that, the student can monitor / measure the signals using CRO, DVM, Frequency counter etc.