Internet of Things

       The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system, Combination of Embedded controllers, sensors, Softwares and Network. It enables these object collect and exchange the data over the internet without any human or any other interaction. Simply it merges the physical objects with online world.

       In the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT), applications from personal electronics to industrial machines and sensors are getting wirelessly connected to the Internet.

The Issues:
          * Covering a wide variety of use cases
          * Various environments
          * Serving diverse requirements
          * No Single Wireless standard can adequately prevail
          * Numerous Wireless Standards deployed in the market
          * Spreading over multiple frequency bands
          * Using different communication protocols.

Choosing right protocol Wireless connectivity Technology = a challenge.

  • Our solution is based on:

  •           * ARM Cortex M3 based Zigbee
  •           * ARM Cortex M4 based WiFi
  •           * Bluetooth Module
  •           * Logo PLC through GSM
  •           * ARM cortex A53,64bit based Gateway
  •           * Cloud Server or Advanced Cloud Server
  •           * Different real world sensors.

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