Special Products

Power Electronics Products List

Part I-SCR Related Products
   I- SCR Characteristics Trainers
   II- SCR Triggering Circuits Trainers
    A. Types of Triggering Modules
    B. Types of Power Modules
   III- Low Voltage SCR Application Trainers
   IV- High Voltage SCR Application Trainers
   V- SCR Based AC/DC Drives
   VI- Standalone SCR Trainers
Part II-IGBT/MOSFET Related Products
   I- IGBT/MOSFET Static and Dynamic Characteristics Trainers
   II- IGBT/MOSFET Based Low Voltage Application Trainers
   III- IGBT/MOSFET Based High Voltage Application Trainers
   V- DC-DC Converters/SMPS Trainers
Part III-Other Products
   I- Power Electronics Trainers for PolyTechnics
      1. Single Phase Half Controlled Converter (VPET-204)
      2. Single Phase Fully Controlled Converter (VPET-205)
      3. Three Phase Fully Controlled Converter (VPET-215)
      4. Three Phase Half Controlled Converter (VPET-218)
      5. RAMP&PEDESTAL Trigger Circuit for AC Load (VPET-203)
      6. Three Phase AC Voltage Regulator Trainer (VPET-215B)
      7. DC Chopper Trainer (VPET-208)
      8. Line Synchronized UJT Triggering Module (VPET-200)
      9. Lamp Control using DIAC & TRIAC (VPET-201)
Part IV-Power Electronics Accessories
   I- Low Voltage Accessories
   II- High Voltage Accessories