Special Products

Control System Laborarary Trainers

1)      i) DC Servo Motors Control System
         ii) DC Servo Motors PID Controller
2.      a. DC Motor Position control system
         b. Digital DC servo motor position control system
         c. DSP Based DC Servo motor position control system
3. PC Based DC servo motor controller
4. PC Based Dc servo motor Position control system
5. Transfer function of 100W DC servo motor
6. DC Motor & DC Generator Transfer Function Study Trainer
7. Ward Leonard Speed Control System Transfer Function
8. Stepper Motor characteristics study module
9. Speed measurement & closed loop Control of AC servo motor
10. Transfer function of 2 phase 100W AC servo motor
11. Digital 2ф AC Servo Position Control System
12.    a. Process Control simulator [For Linear system & PID study]
         b. PC Based Tunning of Controllers
13. Analog PID Controller
14. Microprocessor based Control System
15. Design of PID controller
16. Digital Simulation of linear System
17. Stability Analysis of Linear System
18. Relay Control System
19. Lead-Lag Network Simulator
20. Light intensity control system
21. Potentiometer error Detector
22. LVDT Characteristics Module
23. Simulation of Transfer Function Using Operational Amplifier
24. Temperature measurement & Controller using various transducers
25. Temperature control system
26. Advance Temperature Control Process Trainer
27. Level Control System
28. Synchro Transmitter Receiver Trainer
29. Analog Computer Trainer
30. Frequency Response Analysis of Lead lag Network (PID)