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Smart LED Lighting module

Zigbee offers Green and Global Advanced Wireless Technology, Connecting the widest range of Devices to work together intelligently and help you to control your real world. CC2530 is the first System On chip, which has integrated 8051Microcontroller with ZigBee RF transceiver. A WSN based Smart LED lighting module has been developed with latest LED controller from MICREL, 10 LEDs, ZigBee RF module using CC2531 for Wireless Control with onboard Light Sensor. WSN based LED lighting module has a Base Board and a Zigbee RF module. Zigbee RF module can be plugged into the connector provided on the Base Board, meant for further upgradation.


  • 10 Nos. of LED of 2watt each
  • 400 milliwatts LED
  • Constant current driver for LED control
  • Connectors for plug-in Zigbee RF module
  • Remote ON/OFF control by Zigbee RF Control
  • On board light intensity sensor
  • LED Brightness control either by program or by Light Sensor input.