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  • Based on 64 Macro cell Xilinx CPLD device : XC2C64A
  • 20 SPDT Slide switches
  • 16 output LEDs and One 7 segment LED display
  • 4x4 Matrix keys using Micro switches (4 multiplexed with 4Nos of Slide switch)
  • One NC/NO switch for giving manual clock
  • Square wave Oscillator
  • Onboard USB to JTAG and External JTAG Connector for programming the CPLD
  • 16 I/O Lines terminated at 20 pin connecter.
  • External 5 volt 2Amp power supply
  • Compatible with Xilinx ISE Design Suite Web Pack Software.
  • USB Cable
  • Onboard USB to JTAG is Compatible only with Vi JTAG 5.0 Software.