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Spartan 6 Trainer Kit


  • 16 Nos. of digital input using slide switches with LED indication
  • 16 Nos. of digital output using discrete LEDs
  • 16× 2 LCD is provided for display the text message.
  • One Reset Switch
  • One switch for giving manual clock
  • FPGA configuration through
  •    - On board Xilinx USB to JTAG Programmer with isolation to configure FPGA
       - On board Flash Prom XCF04S (Programmable through USB to JTAG programmer)
  • Total 186 I/O Pins: 100 Pins used for integrating peripheral like LED, Switches etc., balance pins are available to user
  • in 3nos of 20 pin header.
  • 1 No of 26 pin header to interface VLIM cards like Traffic Light Controller / On-board TLC (factory settable).
  • On board programmable PLL oscillator from1 MHz to 100MHz using jumpers
  • 4Nos of 7 segment LED display
  • One relay and Buzzer provided.
  • Stepper & DC motor drive provided on board (Motor Optional)
  • 4x4 matrix key provided
  • On board I2 C RTC Interface
  • On board Temperature Sensor Interface
  • SPI Based Analog to Digital Converter