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Shunt Active Filter Trainer


  • FPGA Spartan 3A DSP board used for generating the PWM signals.
  • Three phase 3 level diode clamped inverter used as a Active filter.
  • SRF (or) Instantaneous PQ theory will be used to generating reference current.
  • PI control or fuzzy logic will be used to regulate the dc link capacitor voltage.
  • Reference DC link Voltage will be 250V.
  • Hall effect current transducers used to sense the source currents, load currents and compensation currents.
  • Hall effect voltage transducers used to sense the dc link voltage and source voltages.
  • Necessary source inductor and filter inductor provided.
  • Input source Line voltage -200V (Peak).
  • Input source Current -10A (Peak).
  • Power Rating -3KW.
  • Reactive power compensation can be provided.
  • 3KW linear and non-linear loads will be given.
  • User can modify source, filter inductance and external loads.
  • User can modify control algorithm.
  • Industrial type cabinet provided.
  • Before compensation source current THD will be greater than 26%
  • After compensation source current THD
  •    - 2.5 - 4% in 3 level inverter
       - 4 - 5% in 2 level inverter