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400W Smart Grid Experimental Setup

This consists of 2 Microgrid, one 400 watts & 200 watts of power generation connected to a main Power Grid with all the components needed to convert a traditional Grid to a Smart Grid so that many experiments can be conducted on this “Smart Grid”. 3Φ, 1KW isolation transformer with power input from utility grid will act as main grid to which 2 Microgrid will be connected through synchronizing panel. Optionally a commercial 1KVA Grid Connected Solar Power Inverter can be added to this experimental setup. By adding 1KVA commercial solar inverter, when the experimental setup is not used by student, it could be used to generate power and save EB bill.

This Advanced Smart Grid Experimental Setup Consists of

  • 2 Micro Grids, 400 Watts & 200 Watts of Power Generation using Solar, Wind or Hybrid
  • An Isolation Transformer Coupled to the utility Grid, acts as main Grid to this Setup
  • Commercial 1KVA Grid Connected Inverter with Solar Panel (Optional)
  • Optional Components for the 400W Smart Grid Setup
  • DSP/FPGA Controller for PE, SG, PS Applications
  • IoT Based Data Acquisition
  • Other Add ons

Micro Grid - I (Solar/Wind Grid Connected 1Φ, 400W Smart Micro Grid)

  • Main Frame
  • 200W Solar PV Module with Stand
  • 200W Wind Turbine with Tower (Optional)
  • 30W Wind Turbine with Blower setup
  • 200W DC-DC Boost Converter for Solar
  • 200W DC-DC Boost Converter for Wind
  • 400W Hybrid DC-DC Buck-Boost Converter
  • Battery Bank
  • 400W Inverters
  • Bi-Directional Buck-Boost Converter for Battery Charging
  • DSP/FPGA Controller
  • Microcontroller based Protection Relays
  • Smart Energy Meter
  • Synchronizing Panel
  • Single Phase R Load & Lamp Load (200W) + (200W)
  • PLC with SCADA Software
  • 8 Channel, PC based Power Quality Analyzer (Optional)