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DDS RF Source and Network Analyzer

This unique instrument is RF source upto 1.7GHz with 10 to 400MHz in DDS mode of operation and few Network Analyzer capabilities.


  • It works in two mode of operation.
  •    - 10 to 400MHz - DDS operation.
       - 400 to 1700MHz - PLL operation.
  • 10 to 1700MHz, RF signal generator.
  • RF Output Power : 10 to 400MHz, -2dBm, +/-3dB 400 to 1700MHz, -5dBm, +/-3dB.
  • Harmonics : 10 to 600MHz better than -15dBc 600 to 1700MHz better than -30dBc.
  • Attenuation : 5dBm, 10dBm, 20dBm, 30dBm.
  • Fixed and sweep RF signal source.
  • Direct digital synthesis (DDS) method based.
  • 100KHz Channel step size.
  • AM/FM Modulation.
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC) incorporated so that, RF level output will be constant.
  • Graphics LCD display to plot Filter, Amplifier etc., characteristics.