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RF Signal Source with Detector


  • 25 to 6000MHz RF synthesized signal generator.
  • Programmable attenuator 5, 10, 20, 30dBm up to 1.5GHz.
  • 40 x 2 LCD Display to display the frequency of the RF signal and RF signal level.
  • Output level : 0dBm +/2dB upto 1GHz, -5dBm, +/-2dB upto 3GHz, -10dBm, +/-3dB upto 6GHz.
  • Output impedance : 50 ohm.
  • One RF Power detector provided for 50 to 1000MHz frequency range and this output is measured
  • by an ADC and display on the LCD display.
  • 6 Keys keypad provided to select the desired frequency, attenuation level, Sweep mode.
  • Step size : 1MHz.
  • Connectors:
  •    - 2 Nos. of 'N' type connector for RF out and RF in.
       - One "BNC" type connector for RF detector output.