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Level Process Controller


  • It is a miniature version and occupies less space.
  • A RF capacitance Level Transmitter is used to sense the tank level.
  • An Industrial standard electro pneumatic converter is used to control the control valve.
  • A Pneumatic control valve is used to control the Level of the tank.
  • A Process tank of 3 liter capacity with graduated level scale.
  • A Rust proof reservoir tank (SS) capacity of 8 liters.
  • A centrifugal pump is provided for water circulation.
  • An air Regulator cum filter of capacity (0-2.1) Bar is provided to regulate the Air pressure.
  • Bypass line provision is provided to avoid pump over loading.
  • Hand valve provision is provided to make the disturbance study.
  • All the water flow lines are fitted by SS pipes.
  • USB/Serial port data acquisition is provided.