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Pressure Process Station

Panel Features:

  • Digital Panel Meters.
  • Mimic diagrams.
  • Pressure gauges are provided, wherever necessary.


  • LabVIEW
  • PLC
  • C/VB Compatibility


  • The Pressure process station is an attractive module comparing to the Analyzer and Laboratory trainer.
  • All are the industrial standard (4-20)mA interfacing signals.
  • It provides a real industrial feeling of the process to the students.
  • A Piezo Resistive Pressure Transmitter (0-7)Bar is used to sense the pressure.
  • An Electronic Regulated Power supply is fixed for voltage Regulation.
  • An electro pneumatic converter is mounted to control the pneumatic control valve.
  • A globe Pneumatic Control Valve for controlling flow of air.
  • An air regulator cum filter is provided for Air regulation.
  • A two separate pressure tank is provided as process tank with pressure gauges and relief valves.
  • All the air flow lines are fitted by flexible hoses/fittings for better reliability.
  • Hand valve provisions are given for series, parallel connection of pressure tanks.
  • USB/Serial port data acquisition is provided.