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Multi Tank System

Panel Features:

  • Rocker switch is provided to ON/OFF the process plant.
  • Digital Panel Meter.
  • Pump Indicator.
  • Short Circuit protection.
  • Mimic diagram in the panel.
  • All the electrical connectors are terminated in the panel.


  • This equipment consists of four tank system, conical tank system and spherical tank system.
  • Four numbers of Acrylic tank are provided for doing multivariable control of four tank system.
  • Conical tank (SS) is provided to performing the nonlinerar control system.
  • Spherical tank (SS) is provided for controlling the complex system.
  • Six numbers of level transmitter (DPT) are provided to measures the level of the each tank.
  • Three numbers of smart control valve with positioner are provided in the inlet of Flow rate.
  • Hand valve is provided at the bottom of the process tank to study the load disturbance.
  • Three numbers of hand valve are provided to control the Rotameter flow rate.
  • Three numbers of centrifugal pump are provided for water circulation.
  • Two flow transmitters are mounted for conducting flow, cascade and Ratio control.
  • Appropriate Digital panel meters are provided to measure the transmitter and actuator signals.
  • Delay coils are provided to the input of the process tanks for transportation lag study.
  • Storage tank of 100 litre capacity (SS).
  • Rotameter for Visual indication of the flow rate.
  • Relay circuit is provided to ON/OFF the solenoid valve.
  • Built in regulated power supply.
  • All Water flow lines are connected by (SS) fittings.
  • Necessary patch chords are provided for interfacing the Electrical signal.
  • Established successful design that mimics a real industrial process.
  • Front panel includes mimic diagram of the process, so students can clearly see what they are controlling.
  • Safe, practical and realistic.
  • Hand valves are provided to study the coupling (Interaction) and decoupling.