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Single Phase Cyclo Converter


  • Consists of firing circuit, SCR power circuit and load.
  • Line synchronized IC based linear firing circuit.
  • Line synchronization achieved by step - down transformer.
  • Four nos. firing pulse with pulse transformer isolation to trigger four SCR.
  • One no. potentiometer used to vary the firing angle (180° - 0°).
  • Carrier logic implemented with carrier frequency of 4KHz.
  • One no. toggle switch with debounce ogic for pulse ON/OFF.
  • EPROM Based firing pulse frequency variation.
  • Two nos. toggle switch to select different frequency (Hz, 50/2Hz, 50/3Hz, 50/4Hz).
  • Power circuit consists of Four nos. SCR with fuse protection.
  • Anode, Cathode, Gate terminals are terminated in the front panel for user connection.
  • 24V AC, 1Amp Provided for power circuit input with ON/OFF switch.
  • One no. fixed R, load provided Center tapped inductor for power circuit.
  • 230V, 50Hz AC input with ON/OFF rocker switch, fuse for over load.