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SCR VI Characteristics Study Trainer


  • Basic VI characteristics study trainer.
  • Consists of one no. TYN612 SCR with heat sink.
  • LM723 based 20V DC power supply for gate voltage.
  • One no. potentiometer used to vary the gate current
  • 0- 30V DC variable power supply for anode, cathode voltage variation.
  • One no. potentiometer used to vary the Vak.
  • One no. high voltage fixed load resistor.
  • One no. toggle switch to ON/OFF gate voltage.
  • Two nos. DC ammeter, voltmeter/multimeter provided to measure Ig & Vak, Ia.
  • 230V AC input. Power ON/OFF switch.
  • All components are mounted on a screen printed PCB fixed on a nice wooden cabinets.