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MCS Family Microcontroller Trainer


  • 89C51 Microcontroller operating at 12Mhz
  • 64KB on-chip internal Flash EEPROM program memory
  • 1KB on-chip data RAM
  • 64KB External Data RAM
  • 32KB EPROM for monitor program
  • 32KB RAM for Program/Data memory
  • 32KB RAM for data memory
  • 1KB On-Chip Data RAM
  • Battery backup for RAM
  • Onboard 16 x 2 Alphanumeric LCD Interface
  • Onboard IBM PC Keyboard Interface
  • RS232/RS485 compatible serial interface terminated at 9 pin 'D' male connector
  • One RS232 Cable
  • Onchip Programmable Counter Array (PCA) PCA Contains five 16 bit PWM/capture/compare output
  • 48 TTL I/O lines using 8255 terminated in two 26 Pin FRC Connectors
  • All CPU address, data, and control signals are terminated in a 50 pin FRC Connector (VXT Bus) for connecting the
  • VBMB series of Experiment boards.
  • All connections of the Microcontroller are terminated in a separate connector for expansion
  • Built-in Line assembler & Disassembler
  • Windows based In System Programming Software for Flash Memory programming