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8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit


  • Intel 8085A CPU @ 6.144 MHz Clock speed.
  • RAM : 8KB expandable upto 32KB, Jumper selectable.
  • EPROM : 8KB expandable upto 32KB, Jumper selectable.
  • Lithium Battery backup for RAM.
  • 21 Keys multi-function keyboard with double shot characters for long life.
  • 6 digit 7Segment RED LED Display.
  • 3 Channel 16 bit counter / timer terminated in a 10 Pin Connector.
  • 48 TTL I/O Lines, terminated at 26 pin FRC connector
  • RS232C Compatible serial Port terminated in a 9 Pin "D" Male Connector.
  • One VXT Bus (50 Pin FRC Connector) for interfacing VBMB series of Experiment boards and bus expansion.
  • Built-in SMPS Power Supply: Input : 230V AC, Output: +5V / 3.5A, +12V / 150mA.
  • Built in Line Assembler and Disassembler provided.
  • Software single stepping of user programs by instruction for software debugging.