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Four Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Trainer Rig


  • One Thermocouple provided to measure the temperature at exhaust.
  • One temperature indicator provided to display the temperature.
  • A CC tube provided to measure the fuel consumption by the engine.
  • Stop watch provided to measure fuel consumption in time basis
  • A Tachometer provided to measure the speed of the engine.
  • An air drum provided to measure the intake air flow.
  • An U-Tube manometer provided to measure the pressure head of intake air flow.
  • Fuel panel provided to fix the CC tube and fuel tank


  • Make : Kirloskar
  • Power : 6 HP
  • Speed : 1500 rpm
  • Cooling type : Air cooled
  • Start : Hand Start
  • Loading type : Eddy current brake (or)
  • : Electrical Load (or)