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Siemens IoT 2040 Gateway Based IoT Development System

SIMATIC IoT 2040 is an Industrial IoT Gateway, reliable open platform for collecting, Processing and transmission data. It helps the students to get the industrial IoT experience and develop Industry 4.0 Projects rapidly.


  • IoT 2040 Gateway
  •    - PLC and sensors of many brands can be integrated through Ethernet & Serial ports.
       - Open Protocols: Modbus, Profinet, REST or MQTT, AMQP, OPC UA
       - Based on Intel Quark X1020 ,(x86)@400MHz
       - Compatible With Open Source Software Arduino IDE and Yocto Linux
       - High level language support : Java, Python, C/C++
       - 1 GB RAM, 8MB Flash ,256KB SRAM
       - Micro SD card Slot up to 32GB
       - One miniPCIe Slot for hardware expansion for WLAN/Additional Ethernet Port
       - Arduino Uno – R3 Compatible
       - Intel Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Module for 300MB data rate
       - 2xRS232/422/485(Switchable)
       - 1xUSB Controller + 1 x Device
       - 2 x 10 /100 Mbps Ethernet RJ45
  • 5 types of sensors such as Temperaturesensor, LDR sensor, Motion sensor, Humidity sensor, Magnetic sensor included to
  • interface with IoT2040 & add on modules of IoT2040
  • The IoT 2040 Gateway can communicate with PLC, DCS using profinet or OPC UA.
  • Analog Inputs are terminated in a SP7 patch connector
  • 4Nos of Digital Input SPDT Switch
  • 4Nos of user LEDs