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Siemens IoT 2020 Gateway


  • Simatic IoT 2020 Educational Intelligent gateway
  • Intel Quack Soc x 1000
  • 400MHz operating frequency
  • Micro SD card slot, upto 32GB
  • 512MB RAM, 8MB Flash, 256KB SRAM
  • One USB controller and one USB device
  • FTDI USB to serial Interface
  • One no of 10/100Mbps Ethernet
  • Arduino Uno R3 compatible expansion slot
  • One mini PCIe expansion slot for WLAN/additional Ethernet port
  • Yocto V2.1 based Linux operating system
  • Input supply 24V DC
  • Programming in high level language
  • Support for various protocols like Modbus RTU, POC UA and cloud protocols like MQTT/AMQP