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Frequency Response Analysis of Lead Lag Network

Frequency response of Lead, Lag network using P+I+D controller is a special purpose analog simulation, create using operational amplifiers. This simulator permits a detailed analysis of the first order and second order systems on the application of proportional, integral and derivative control to the improvement of their performance. The simulator may be used at high frequency for oscilloscope observation.


  • Built-in Function Generator (sine & square).
  • Self contained power supplies and power ON/OFF switch with indication.
  • Full mimic diagrams in the front panel.
  • The simulated process.
  •    - Simple Lag Process
       - Simple Lead Process
  • The simulated PID controller
  •    - Integral controller scaled in Integration time.
       - Derivative controller scaled in derivative action time.
       - Proportional band control scaled in % proportional band (PB).