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Analog PID Controller

The analog PID controller is a special purpose analog controller with operational amplifiers The controller permits a detailed analysis of the application of proportional, integral and derivative control to the improvement of their performance. The controller may be used at high speed for oscilloscope observation or at a low speed for meter observation.


  • Two analog meters (centre zero meters) to display the set variable and process variable.
  • In built regulated power supply.
  • Provision to vary and measure the setpoint (0-5)V
  • Provision to vary the proportional gain, Integral time and derivative gain.
  • Provision to give either (4-20)mA or (0-5)V externally as a process variable.
  • Provision to select the controller output as (4-20)mA or (0-5)V internally.
  • All the components are mounted in an attractive cabinet.
  • Interface with any realtime process (Level, Flow, Temperature, Pressure, DC motor speed control etc.,)