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Stepper Motor Characteristics Study Module


  • Stand alone 89C51 Based stepper motor controller.
  • Stepper motor : Torque - 2Kg/cm, 5 volts DC, 1.80/step.
  • MOSFET based stepper motor driver to drive the stepper motor.
  • 3 SPDT switches are provided for selecting the operation of the stepper motor.
  • A push button switch is to pulse the movement of stepper motor (Single step movement).
  • 89C51 based digital counter to count the number of steps moved by the motor.
  • DPM is provided (89C51 based) in the unit to display the RPM and number of steps.
  • Power Supply: 5V/3 Amps SMPS for stepper motor and driver circuits.
  • One Optical Encoder is provided to sense the motor speed.
  • An load setup is provided to study the load characteristics of the stepper motor.