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Ultrasonic Interferometer

Ultrasonic Interferometer is a simple and easy to use unit for the accurate measurement of ultrasonic velocity in a Liquids and Liquid systems at the desired temperature (and at desired frequencies).


  • Accuracy in wavelength measurement – 0.01mm
  • Digital Panel Meter ( DPM) for observing the change in the reading between nodes /anti nodes (75mV approximate between a node and anti node)
  • Easy replacement of transducers with other frequency
  • Only one Liquid cell is required for all frequencies
  • Built in IC regulated power supplies.
  • The frequency of the Crystal oscillator at the piezo electric transducer is so matched at the 3 digit Decimal accuracy
  • The accuracy of Meter is 3 Digit Decimal
  • Stainless Steel based mechanical setup.


  • Liquid cell - One (with provision for water circulation)
  • Transducer (Longitudinal, 2MHz) - One
  • Micrometer assembly - One (with Tx)