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3Ø - 3Ø Matrix Converter


  • 9 No. Bi-directional Switch with IGBT and Fast Diode Bridge,Rating@1200V 50A Forms 3 Phase to 3 phase Matrix Converter Power Circuit
  • Output of Matrix Converter Terminated by Banana Connector in the Front Panel
  • 9 No. High Speed Opto- IC Provided for Gate PWM Isolation.
  • 9 No. Single Channel IGBT Driver IC with Current Limiting Facility Provided for IGBT Gate Driving.
  • 9 No. 15V DC Power Supply Provided Internally for Control Circuit.
  • 3 No. Inductor and AC Capacitor Provided for Three Phase Input Filter.
  • One No Three Phase Synchronizing Transformer (230/9V) Provided for three Phase Supply Synchronization
  • 6 nos Hall-effect Current Sensor with Signal Conditioning Circuit Provided for Output and Input Current Measurement and Protection.
  • AC voltmeter is provided for measure the input AC voltage.
  • +/- 15V DC Internally Provided for Sensor Signal Conditioner Circuits.
  • MCB Provided for Input power ON/OFF and OL Protection ON/OFF Switch.
  • Test points are provided on the front panel to measure the voltage, current and PWM signals
  • 34 pin FRC Connector Provided for IGBT Gate PWM Inputs.
  • Input : Three Phase 440V AC, 50 Hz.
  • Output : Three Phase Variable Voltage, variable frequency
  • Rating : Suitable for 1 HP 3Ø AC Induction Motor