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10KW IGBT Based Power Module


  • 1200V/ 75A, Peak Semikron based IGBT module
  • 8 Nos of IGBT’s provided with independent eight driver (inbuilt opto isolator)
  • All the collector and emitter terminals are brought out of proper connectors for power circuit connection
  • All the gate and emitter terminals are brought out and terminated on front panel to view driver output fault output
  • Indicator LED provided for PWM input and power supply input
  • Proper heat sink provided for all the IGBTs with cooling fan provision
  • All are enclosed by viewable acrylic cabinet
  • Temperature sensor provided for over temperature Protection
  • PWM inputs are brought out on Front Panel, you may connect any controller for interface
  • One common +15V Power supply for all the driver circuit, Inbuilt isolated power supply provided.
  • Over current protection and short circuit protection provided for all individual IGBT module
  • Reset circuit provided and terminated to clear the fault
  • Snubber capacitor provided for dv/dt protection for all IGBT module
  • 60A 3 phase bridge rectifier and filter circuit available for power circuit input.