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IPM Based Power Module

Power Module is designed for Motor control Applications upto 3 HP by using IGBT & DIODE Technology Based IPM. Input:1 Phase / 3 phase 50 Hz AC. Output : 400V/10A (MAX), AC/DC on each Leg of 3 phase Bridge


  • 1200V, 25A, 3 Phase IGBT Inverter Bridge
  • 1200V, 10A IGBT for Over Voltage breaking
  • Built - in Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current & Over Temperature Protection


  • 1200V, 25A Converter Bridge for AC-DC power conversion
  • 4 Nos of Hall Effect current sensors are provided to sense the DC Link current & 3 output current of the Inverter Bridge
  • 1 No of Hall Effect Voltage sensor is provided to sense DC Link voltage
  • All the PWM signals are isolated using Opto Isolator
  • Protection circuit for over current with LED indication
  • Optically Isolated Fault signal from the IPM is given to the Embedded/DSP controllers for protection.
  • Independent Power supplies for all Isolated circuits.
  • 0-900V Voltmeter is provided to Indicate the DC Link Voltage
  • All current, PWMS & Feedbacks are terminated at Front panel
  • FRC Connectors are provided to Interface with the Embedded/DSP controllers
  • All the Input/output Lines are terminated at Banana sockets.